I've created hundreds of fitness videos dating back to 2010 when I started freelancing for Livestrong and eHow.com - I'd shoot How To exercise videos with a wide range of athletes including gymnasts, runners, bodybuilders, freerunners, and Division I athletes.

Now I work independently, creating small business marketing videos for athletes, martial art schools, and fitness centers.

Market your martial art or fitness classes with an affordable video that can reach a broad audience of potential customers through your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your competition is doing it - it's time you joined the hottest marketing trend - online video.

Are you athlete who competes at a high level. Market yourself with an exciting and affordable highlight video. In the example to the right, Bill Pascual, Jr. is an athlete who competes in more than 15 Spartan races (Elite) a year all over the United States. 

An overview video is a great place to start. It lets potential clients in your local area know the who, what, where, why, when, and how of your business.

Have a class you want to popularize? Promote it with a professional video that captures the dynamism of the class. We don't through our camera on a tripod and sit our subjects in front of it. We get our cameras moving to give you an energetic video that captures the real mood and feel of your class and gets the audience pumped to try it.

Have a sports program for children or adults? Monstrinthedark can help you through the entire process of video creation from concept to production, post production, and marketing so that you have a finished video that resonates with viewers and drives sales conversion.

Testimonial and personal story videos are a great way to have potential customers connect with you, your employees, and your business on a deeper level.

If you think any of these types of businesses can help grow your business, email me at monstrinthedark@gmail.com, text or call me at 347.756.1561 to get started today.