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Two Commercial Lighting Breakdowns (Ursa Mini Pro)

The challenge for this commercial spot was to find a location that could pass for a police interrogation room. The budget for this spot was very small so I decided that with a little elbow grease I could turn a corner of my basement into this set.

The initial problem with the basement is that it has very low ceilings of only 8 feet in height and I guess because I live in a log cabin, there is a lot of wood paneling which doesn't look very police-like. The drywall was also painted this horrible peach color by the previous owner.

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Why Are We All Gear Obsessed?

I can admit it. I'm obsessed with camera and lighting gear. Everyday I visit the same handful of websites to check out what's going on in the filmmaking world and to read about the latest gear. I watch crappy Youtube camera and lighting reviews by unqualified people who mostly have no idea what they are talking about. I scroll through dozens of Facebook posts on Shane's Inner Circle where tons of other cinematographers are discussing gear and lighting setups.

Gear obsession is a bad thing. Don't get me wrong - it's fun. I wish I could own just about every camera out there, but I've told myself over and over again I need to be practical and buy wisely for my business.

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Shooting Interviews with C-Log and Aputure

I threw down some cash this past holiday season on a C100 Mark II, a set of Rokinon Primes, and some new LED's made by Aputure. I've been lighting interviews the past few years with some Lowel tungsten lights and felt like the time was right to move to LED's.

I've also been looking for a real LOG image to work with in post, not the Cine-D profile I was shooting with on my GH4. 

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