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Commercial Shooting Guide for Creatives and Clients

Whether you are a business owner ready to take the step into online video or a novice filmmaker ready to start making videos for clients, you should be familiar with the three stages of production.

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Marketing for Service-Based Businesses

Owning a service-based business can be tough. When marketing, you don't have a shiny, sleek product to hide behind. You are essentially marketing yourself and your ability to provide that service.

There's two things every great service-based business should have  -  a well lit, well rehearsed, talking head interview with the service provider, and well shot, varied b-roll of the service provider in action.

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Dude, There is No Perfect Camera

With the end of the year fast approaching I'm sure there's plenty of working filmmakers just like me who are ready to spend a few bucks on some gear (if for no other reason than to not give that money right to the government in taxes.)

That's why it's at this time of the year more than any other that I see filmmakers posting on forums and twitter that age old question: 


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Don't Buy a GH4

That’s right, kid. This article is for you. You want to make movies or maybe you think you’re gonna carve out riches with your awesome Youtube videos. But you just don’t know what camera to buy. Or maybe this article is aimed at the professional videographer who shoots corporate and wedding videos and is looking to upgrade from your mini-dv camera. (I recently saw a guy shooting a bar mitzvah on mini-dv).

So what’s wrong with the GH4? It shoots 4K, 96fps, has V-Log now, and is pretty damn affordable at about $1500. Did I mention the battery life is amazing?  Seems like a real no-brainer, but here’s the info you’re missing. Depending on what you make, the GH4 may or may not be for you.

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Five Best Film Blogs to Read on Your Commute

If you’re a commuter like many here in the Hudson Valley who take the Metro North into Manhattan everyday, you probably whip out your phone or tablet to entertain yourself. Why not take a peek at my favorite film blogs to read and drop me a comment if I’m missing a good one.

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