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A GH4 Owners Thoughts on the GH5

Hey, that GH5 sure looks like a winner. I've seen at least two videos shot with the GH5 that look pretty great. I'm not here to call anyone out, but while one video (shot in NYC) looked impressive, the other (shot in Oregon) looked flat out gorgeous. That's part of the trick of marketing of course. These camera manufacturers put the cameras in hands of different filmmakers of varying skill to create "test" films for people to ogle and pixel peep before making their declaration of how good or shit the camera is before ever using it themselves.

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One Year with the C100 Mark II

One year ago I purchased a C100 Mark II to replace my aging Canon 5D Mark III and my under-performing GH4. (Maybe under-performing is a little harsh but in a setting where I needed speed and capability, getting the GH4 rigged and running simply took too much time and effort).

So the following are some thoughts on my purchase, some considerations for the future, and some advice for some people who are planning a camera purchase right now.

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Why I Bought the Canon C100 Mark II

Okay, so a year ago I bought a Panasonic GH4 and used it as an A cam for an entire year or to put things into perspective, on just over 125 shoots. Not 125 times I brought my camera out and shot some footage of a flower or a friend standing in a forest with the sun setting behind him or any of this other nonsense people shoot and upload to Vimeo. 125 working, paying shoots.

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