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My End of Year Film Purchases - 2016

At the end of every year I always take a look at my business finances and see how much money I have to spend on new gear (so I don't get killed at tax time).

This year I did some gear purchases as needed, buying a DJI Phantom drone, an Osmo X3, a RedrockMicro mattebox, and some miscellaneous items like a Spyder Datacolor chip card, new C-stands, and sandbags. 

I didn't have a whole lot of free cash this year, but I did have some. Here's what I just picked up from B&H:

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Are You a Lazy Filmmaker or a Hobbyist?

Let's get one thing straight before I get the ball rolling here. There is nothing wrong with logging on to a filmmaking forum or Facebook group and asking other filmmakers for advice when it comes to certain things. If you are looking for advice on a lighting setup, asking for a critique of your latest project or reel, or a client has asked you to rent a certain camera for a shoot that you've never used and you'd like you ask people about their experience with that camera - that's all good. If you are actively researching a piece of gear (not a camera) you want to buy but need some advice from filmmakers who own that gear, that's cool. 

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4 Reasons I Love the DJI Ronin

The DJI Ronin comes in a really nice hard case. It may be a trivial thing if you are a weekend enthusiast, but if you travel from job to job, day after day, having a protective case with wheels is a huge bonus. Everything for the Ronin has a place in one of the two trays inside the case which makes packing and unpacking easy. The case's shell is not quite as thick as a Pelican, but it's sturdy enough to do the job.

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