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MONSTRINTHEDARK - Our Story, Our Services

When I started MONSTRINTHEDARK in June of 2013 I was still working full-time as an elementary school teacher living in Queens, NY. For years I had been working as both a teacher and freelance DP/editor, taking advantage of my teaching job ending mid-day, as well as weekends, holiday breaks, and summer vacations. It gave me a lot of time to work on my craft and continue to support myself with a full-time job.

After selling my third feature film, Black Hat, to Amazon Studios, and then selling my first commercial, I knew it was time to move into filmmaking full-time.

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Videos That Every Small Business Should Have

Ideally, every small business would want a piece of media that can continually generate leads for them without being a social media time sink. That's where small business video enters the frame. Online video has many benefits, most of which are obvious. Online video is hot right now. It's a great way to engage with new and existing customers. Websites with video index higher on Google search engine rankings. The cost of producing online video has become much cheaper, as access to HD quality cameras and audio recorders have significantly dropped.

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