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Three Ways to Improve Your Cinematography in 2018

Control Your Light

I feel really old saying it but twenty years ago I started freelancing as a cinematographer. Everything was tungsten back then. I had some 1k fresnels, some cheap hardware store clamp lights, and 3-light Lowel kit. The majority of the light I was working with was hard and at the time my idea of softening it was bouncing it off a wall or a ceiling. 

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Ten Great Youtube Channels to Learn the Craft of Filmmaking

I've been a big fan of Corridor Digital (now just Corridor) for a really long time. If you've never heard of Corridor, they make really great VFX heavy videos most of which are based on videogames and some original sci-fi concepts. 

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Four Great Sites to Learn Cinematography

Now that I've moved to upstate NY, chances to get on a working set are far fewer. If you find yourself in a big city, the best place to learn is on a set, working your way up the ranks of the camera department. If that's not a possibility, here are some cool websites to start learning how to shape light and shadow (but it's up to you to go and get some practice):

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