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Are You a Lazy Filmmaker or a Hobbyist?

Let's get one thing straight before I get the ball rolling here. There is nothing wrong with logging on to a filmmaking forum or Facebook group and asking other filmmakers for advice when it comes to certain things. If you are looking for advice on a lighting setup, asking for a critique of your latest project or reel, or a client has asked you to rent a certain camera for a shoot that you've never used and you'd like you ask people about their experience with that camera - that's all good. If you are actively researching a piece of gear (not a camera) you want to buy but need some advice from filmmakers who own that gear, that's cool. 

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3 Reasons I'm Loving the C100 Mark II

I shoot a lot of corporate and documentary for work and an Alexa Amira would be well suited to what I do. Of course, I can't afford the $40,000 price tag. I loved the footage from the Red Scarlet on my 2015 TV pilot, CLAN, but again, I couldn't afford to buy my way into the Red ecosystem. After extensive research I bought the C100 Mark II, hoping it would allow me to work faster than my extensive DLSR and mirrorless rigs of the past. I was also hoping for a cinematic image from a camera whose own name has the word "cinema" in it.

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Dude, There is No Perfect Camera

With the end of the year fast approaching I'm sure there's plenty of working filmmakers just like me who are ready to spend a few bucks on some gear (if for no other reason than to not give that money right to the government in taxes.)

That's why it's at this time of the year more than any other that I see filmmakers posting on forums and twitter that age old question: 


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Don't Buy a GH4

That’s right, kid. This article is for you. You want to make movies or maybe you think you’re gonna carve out riches with your awesome Youtube videos. But you just don’t know what camera to buy. Or maybe this article is aimed at the professional videographer who shoots corporate and wedding videos and is looking to upgrade from your mini-dv camera. (I recently saw a guy shooting a bar mitzvah on mini-dv).

So what’s wrong with the GH4? It shoots 4K, 96fps, has V-Log now, and is pretty damn affordable at about $1500. Did I mention the battery life is amazing?  Seems like a real no-brainer, but here’s the info you’re missing. Depending on what you make, the GH4 may or may not be for you.

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Why I Chose the GH4

So here's the setup - I had been shooting with the Canon 5Dmarkiii since it's initial release over three years ago. Despite it's very good low light performance, it was starting to show it's age, as newer cameras have better dynamic range, higher bit rates, higher frame rates, mirrorless sensors, and of course, 4k. It was an aging DeNiro, still working, but not producing anything worth watching. 

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