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My Ursa Mini Pro Setup

So the Ursa Mini Pro is $6000. It comes in a box and is completely useless if you don't spend some more money to get it up and running. Let's just breakdown that cost so you know what you're getting into (I'm assuming you own at least one lens to use with this camera)

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4 Helpful Davinci Resolve Resources

Coloring your footage used to be a thing you would hand off to a dedicated colorist and for good reason - colorists can make a huge difference in the way your film looks as they are masters at understanding and manipulating luminance and color.

Not every project can afford to bring on a colorist which is a shame - with a lot of filmmakers shooting log and raw footage from their digital cameras, there is definitely color work needed in post. 

I have personally struggled with color for years. I taught myself to color correct an image but creating a look for a film or having all my shots across a film look consistent was hard and at times frustrating. Working on short turnarounds probably didn't help any.

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Dude, There is No Perfect Camera

With the end of the year fast approaching I'm sure there's plenty of working filmmakers just like me who are ready to spend a few bucks on some gear (if for no other reason than to not give that money right to the government in taxes.)

That's why it's at this time of the year more than any other that I see filmmakers posting on forums and twitter that age old question: 


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