My New Skillshare Class

I spent more than a decade as an elementary school teacher so maybe it's not a surprise that I decided to shoot a film class on Skillshare.

There's an endless number of topics to cover when it comes to filmmaking - I'm certainly only qualified to cover a few of those and leave the rest to the respected experts of their departments. I decided to tie in my class with a new web series I'll be filming beginning at the end of November called MIDNIGHT.

Our pilot episode is called Bug Out Bag and takes place in a log cabin in upstate NY. So my Skillshare class focuses on mobile apps that can be used to improve the pre-production process and aid production.

The class walks filmmakers through a set of nine tools ranging from apps that can be used on location scouts, as director's viewfinders, slates and even a tool to help actors practice.

I'm a one man band shooter and these apps probably have more relevance to shooters like myself, but they can still be applied to any filmmaking dynamic.

In my follow up class, I'll walk students through the production process of a web series episode followed by a post-production class.

You can view my first class at Skillshare right now and the first 25 people to sign at this link will get a 3 month trial for just $0.99.