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What's New at MONSTRINTHEDARK - July 2016

une was an extraordinarily busy month for me. I do apologize to my six readers (love ya!) for not publishing any content in a while, but fret not, just like Nicolas Cage, I'm about to unleash a torrent of crap upon the world. This month I'll be posting some of my older work, some of my newest work, and some other shit you'll definitely have only a passing interest in.

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I'm Back!

Just like Glenn on the Walking Dead, I am alive and back! Oh wait, that didn’t happen yet. Regardless, after a few months of not posting anything on this blog, I have returned. I’ve crawled out from underneath this dumpster… er, I mean desk, and I’m ready to start filling in the two people who read this blog on what’s up with monstrinthedark.

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