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Three Ways to Improve Your Cinematography in 2018

Control Your Light

I feel really old saying it but twenty years ago I started freelancing as a cinematographer. Everything was tungsten back then. I had some 1k fresnels, some cheap hardware store clamp lights, and 3-light Lowel kit. The majority of the light I was working with was hard and at the time my idea of softening it was bouncing it off a wall or a ceiling. 

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Six Months with the Ursa Mini Pro

It may only be a tool, but it's the best tool I've ever owned. I've really enjoyed shooting with the Ursa Mini Pro, so much so, I've barely picked up my Canon C100 Mark II in the past few months. 

My initial thought was that I'd use my Ursa to shoot narrative pieces and leave the run and gun stuff to my C100, but the more I shot with the Ursa, the more I realized it can handle the majority of shooting conditions I find myself in.

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Four Great Sites to Learn Cinematography

Now that I've moved to upstate NY, chances to get on a working set are far fewer. If you find yourself in a big city, the best place to learn is on a set, working your way up the ranks of the camera department. If that's not a possibility, here are some cool websites to start learning how to shape light and shadow (but it's up to you to go and get some practice):

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