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My First Trip to the O.R.

I've been fortunate enough that to this point in my life I've never had to have surgery (although I did spend a few days in the hospital for a collapsed lung - when two doctors who looked like they just walked out of high school graduation eagerly suggested a stomach tube I told them to promptly fuck off).

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What's New at MONSTRINTHEDARK - July 2016

une was an extraordinarily busy month for me. I do apologize to my six readers (love ya!) for not publishing any content in a while, but fret not, just like Nicolas Cage, I'm about to unleash a torrent of crap upon the world. This month I'll be posting some of my older work, some of my newest work, and some other shit you'll definitely have only a passing interest in.

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Marketing for Service-Based Businesses

Owning a service-based business can be tough. When marketing, you don't have a shiny, sleek product to hide behind. You are essentially marketing yourself and your ability to provide that service.

There's two things every great service-based business should have  -  a well lit, well rehearsed, talking head interview with the service provider, and well shot, varied b-roll of the service provider in action.

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Shooting Interviews with C-Log and Aputure

I threw down some cash this past holiday season on a C100 Mark II, a set of Rokinon Primes, and some new LED's made by Aputure. I've been lighting interviews the past few years with some Lowel tungsten lights and felt like the time was right to move to LED's.

I've also been looking for a real LOG image to work with in post, not the Cine-D profile I was shooting with on my GH4. 

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