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The Biggest Lesson I Learned About Cinematography

Every so often I take a look back at some of my older work, sometimes for nostalgia, but mostly to try and gauge if I'm improving as a cinematographer and editor. For the most part, my ability to create visuals and tell a cohesive story has grown tremendously, particularly in the last four years, now that I do this full-time. But the question I keep asking myself is, where did that growth come from? I've finally found the answer, but before I tell you, let me back up a bit.

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My First Trip to the O.R.

I've been fortunate enough that to this point in my life I've never had to have surgery (although I did spend a few days in the hospital for a collapsed lung - when two doctors who looked like they just walked out of high school graduation eagerly suggested a stomach tube I told them to promptly fuck off).

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