New Showreel for 2019


It’s 2019 and I decided I need to start off on the right foot. I’m not sure what that means or why it’s a particularly positive thing.

The first thing to hit the floor in the morning when I get out of bed is my left foot.

Whenever I get out of my chair I plant my left foot first.

When I thought about it I could not remember which pant leg I always put on first so I just took my pants off and put them back on - guess what? Left foot first.


Despite all the daily distractions like that damn PS4 and my ever-growing Netflix queue, I forced myself to sit down at my computer, turn on 9 aging hard drives (all still spinning, thankfully), and edit together a showreel that encompasses the best footage from the last 5 years.

I told myself it was going to be flashy and cool. I thought I would add some cool transitions and overlay some funky graphics that would really make this reel eye-catching.

When it comes to editing, I obsessively go back to the start of my timeline and watch the piece all the way through as I edit. It’s probably a time waster but it works for me. I like to make sure my piece maintains a good rhythm throughout.

As I completed the rough cut I started to think about all those flashy transitions and overlays and how that’s not my style. I’ve always been an editor who likes a clean, straight cut. I stay on the beat. I try and keep the piece moving and select clips and sequences that work with the music I’m cutting too.

So I decided to skip the transitions and overlays. I’m not sure what value they add. I can understand the need for transitions if the piece calls for them - if they are done in tastefully in-camera or carefully planned for while shooting, but in a reel that is supposed to show the quality of my imagery, I’m not sure adding gimmicky spinning and zooming transitions is a good thing or a necessary thing.

This is the end result. I’m happy with it. I left a lot of cool clips in an abandoned timeline because no one wants to sit through a three minute reel.

So, without further ado, please enjoy.

Okay, so you watched it and didn’t immediately click the back button or exit off this website. I knew you had great taste.

If you’re like me, you see a few images in a reel and you want to seek them out and watch the whole piece. That is the real test, after all. Most people are capable of cutting together some good images. If you really want to evaluate their potential and their worth you need to watch some of their pieces start to finish.

So, if that’s the case - you can see all my work on Vimeo and Youtube.

I’ve also done quite a few lighting breakdowns on Skillshare for some of the scenes in the showreel - if you’d like to learn how and why I light.

Any comments are always appreciated.

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