Hudson Valley Music Video Production

In 1998 I made my very first music video - an unofficial video for Radiohead's Exit Music for a Film from the OK Computer album. This was a time before Youtube when the options to upload video for consumption was not nearly as limitless as it is now. In fact, there were very few websites for video and for many there was a lengthy submission process before your video made it online. That's right - a submission process. Like send us a DVD of your film and if we like it we'll put it on the website in a month or two. How times have changed.

Now, in 2017, I'm still making music videos and the possibilities for the number of listeners and watchers that one video can reach really are limitless. If Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen can be discovered on Youtube, then so can anyone. It only takes one video to make it happen.

I don't work within any specific music genres. Although the majority of videos I've directed have been for rap artists, I've also directed videos for folk singers, country singers, and pop artists.

Here are a few samples of some of my latest work:

When long time friend and collaborator came to me with an idea for his 2016 track, The Future, we got down to it, creating this emotional anti-Trump music video. Check out the BTS video below to see how we built the forest set for the video.

I shot Run Towards the Highway over two full days for NY country-pop artist, Raquel de Souza. This was her first video and we stuck closely with the thematic elements of the song lyrics to complement the visuals. 

Aspiring rapper, Lord Tsunami, hired me to direct and shoot his first video for the track, Legendary. With a small budget we came up with a little story that ties into Lord Tsunami's lyrics and shot the video over the course of 5 hours on my property.

Aspiring artist, Shaye, along with producer Mo K. from Firestarter Recording Studio had me come down and put this cover video together in a quick two hour shoot.

I work with most budgets ($500 and up) and I'm happy to work with new artist, established artists, and everyone in between. I focus on story driven pieces but can also shoot strictly performance pieces if required.

To get started on your music video today, shoot me an email at or call me at 347.756.1561