Color Grading Ursa Mini Pro

I've posted a few other articles about working with the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro which I bought about a month ago and immediately used on a feature. I really, really like the camera and I'm dying to use it some more.

I tested the camera by shooting a lot of RAW 4:1 around my house but I'm not planning on sharing any of that because it is boring. 

What I would like to share is some of the color grading I did in Davinci Resolve. All the footage below was shot in ProRes HQ so these are 10-bit files I'm working with as opposed to the RAW files which are 12-bit. 

I'm not an expert at color grading but I really enjoyed working with this footage from the Ursa Mini Pro and was surprised at how much I could push and pull the color and contrast. I'm also really impressed with the sensor as there were some shots that I didn't have to do much more than a simple S-curve to get the cinematic look I wanted.

Let me know what you think.