Ten Great Youtube Channels to Learn the Craft of Filmmaking

Sam and Niko


I've been a big fan of Corridor Digital (now just Corridor) for a really long time. If you've never heard of Corridor, they make really great VFX heavy videos most of which are based on videogames and some original sci-fi concepts. 

In 2016, they began posting videos every other day on their second channel, Sam and Niko, named after the two filmmakers who started Corridor. The channel follows the adventures of the team which seems to be somewhere between 6-8 guys who work out of these big lofts in LA. They've got a lot of projects going on simultaneously and it's really interesting to watch as they balance Youtube work, client work, and projects with loftier ambitions.

I think these guys are the future of cinema. Check them out and also hit the main channel - https://www.youtube.com/corridor

Rocketjump Film School


Freddiew became Rocketjump a few years ago and as this brand expanded, they created a second channel called Rocketjump Film School. They have a very nice library of videos that cover a range of pre-production, production, and post-pro topics. They live broadcast on Youtube quite frequently as well and you can watch the archived livestreams. There is a lot of insightful information in these videos from a team that makes content for both Hulu and Youtube.

Most of the stuff here is geared towards the beginner and intermediate filmmaker.

Grip Tips


As a member of Shane's Inner Circle, I came across this fellow members Youtube channel. He's a professional grip and in each episode he walks the viewer through a different grip tool and how it would be applied on set. This may only be relevant if you have an interest in production as these are some very specific lessons. 

Cinematography Database


I've been following this channel the last year as it's taken off. Initially started to help Matt Workman promote his C4D plugin, Cine Designer, this channel has really taken off and now Matt interviews a lot of different DP's, reviews gear, and does lighting tutorials. The content here is really good and he posts content very frequently. Definitely one to watch if the camera department is your life.

Cooke Optics TV 


Cooke Optics, makers of the dreamy Cooke lenses, has a Youtube channel and it's pretty cool. They seem to be posting more and more often and the content is all related to directing and cinematography. Videos feature spotlights on different cinematographers, advice from veteran DP's, and case studies of different films.

Film Riot


These dudes have been out at it for a long time. Originally focused on DIY equipment and easy VFX and SFX, this channel has grown and features a lot of different content. Some of it seems kind of stale now, but the library of work has some great advice and tutorials on different areas of filmmaking. It's also cool to see how much their filmmaking has progressed over the years.

Very much a good place for beginners.

Red Digital Cinema


If you own a RED or dream of owning a RED, this channel created by RED has some tutorials for getting your RED gear up and running. It also features some cool films shot on RED and some well done profiles of RED filmmakers. If you don't own a RED, but want to own a RED, this channel will really make you wish you had a RED. After watching some videos on this channel I found myself really wanting to own a RED - so beware.



Not sure who this dude is, but he clearly has a ton of experience as a DP. There's not a lot of video content on here, but there are a few really interesting videos that focus on cinematography and in-camera techniques. I have a feeling this channel will be growing this year.



This filmmaker is a truly a great example of someone who is not constrained by limitations. Armed with only a GH4, a Sony A6300, and a Ronin-M, he makes some really amazing looking music videos as well as a ton of BTS content from his shoots. I can't forget his camera and editing technique tutorials. 

I think there of a ton of assholes out there who have bought into expensive camera systems simply because they can afford them - but they don't have a clue what they're doing and it shows. This is clearly the opposite situation. I would love to see what YCImaging could do with some bigger budgets and some fancy toys and I think those opportunities will come his way soon.

There are a lot of filmmakers who procrastinate on their projects because they are waiting to own a certain camera or have a certain budget to make their dream project. Good luck with that. YCImaging is getting sht done and more filmmakers should take that route.

Cooper Films


This is another cinematography related channel that is starting to gain traction on Youtube. Cooper is a DP and director and he regularly posts his work (most of which is shot with a RED Scarlet-W), Behind the Scenes, filmmaker advice, and some lighting tutorials. 


If you read a lot of my blog posts you know that I absolutely despise Nicolas Cage, his putrid acting, his stupid voice, and his disgusting hair. Well, I also hate Tom Antos and his crappy Youtube channel, his stupid paid gear reviews, and his dumb voice. 

Know any other good Youtube channels for learning about filmmaking? Share please.