My C100 Mark II Rig

It's all about sexy rigs these days - right?

I've built my C100 Mark II rig around a bunch of components that are universal as I have some very near future plans of upgrading to a 4K capable and RAW shooting camera.


Everything is built around the Manfrotto 504HD Head with a 535 2-stage carbon fiber tripod. It's a really solid set of sticks that has a very impressive range of height and feels sturdy. The head has some nice action and feels smooth.


I grabbed the Zacuto VCT Pro baseplate right before Christmas last year. It's a really well machined piece of kit and obviously well thought out. You can lock in a set of rods on both the front and back which is useful in certain situations. It adds a bit of heft to the system but nothing too unmanageable.

Varavon and Atomos

On my top handle I have a Varavon Magic Arm V7 which I use to hold my Atomos Ninja Blade in place. I'll use the Ninja Blade for false color and focus peaking and I'll usually turn that in the direction of the client if they're on set so they can get a glimpse of the action. 


Attached to my front rods is the Tilta FF-T03 follow focus with a crank. Overall, very pleased with this follow focus. After my cheap ass Jag35 follow focus broke I filmed without one for two years. Wish I had bought this one from Tilta sooner as it really is essential to have your hands off the lens. (Speaking of the lens - that's a Rokinon Cine DS 35mm on there)

Redrock Micro

Wrapping this beast up is the Redrock Micro Micromattebox which is fucking enormous. It's a two stage matte box that swings away. Adds a little more weight up front than I want but this thing only comes out if I'm shooting on a very bright day in which case I'm really using it more to shade my lens than for ND.

I usually have some Sennheiser receivers mounted to the other shoe mount on the top handle but I left them out for this photo because they are not sexy.

So that's my rig - now share yours!

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