I've been writing this blog for awhile - maybe it's time for a proper introduction. I recently wrote a blog article about crowdsourced contest sites and some of the pros and cons of participating.

I started in commercials by participating in these contests in volume, making 2 to 4 spots for each contest and I had a lot of success, earning myself a nice chunk of cash through winnings.

With my freelancing keeping me very busy now, I've really been focusing solely on my own work, and only participating in contests that interest me and that I think lend well to my style. I was lucky this past year to have more success - selling a spot to Shark vacuum and winning some gear from SYRP in another contest. 

I was asked by a contest site, Zooppa, to be a part of their Pro program which had it's own set of perks. In order to participate, I had to create a video submission with the following requirements:

1) Video must be less than 2 minutes long
2) Quick bio
3) 1 pro tip to share
4) Your plans for the future
5) Tell us a secret or your best/worst joke

Here is my proper introduction:

Feel free to introduce yourself too in the comments below.