The Old Work Series - Part Five

I'm hopping back to 2008 for this one. Shot in one evening on the Panasonic DVX100B and lit with some old 1K fresnels, this Lordi contest video was written by my friend Vinny who also stars.

I lived in a few apartments in Queens back in the 2000s, but this was my favorite. It was the third floor of a three story building and the apartment had a loft so our ceilings were at least 20 feet high. This finally gave me some good opportunities to get my lights up high and even top light off the loft and the adjoining staircase which had a platform landing halfway up.

I even saw a bit of practical fog in the doorway when Death arrives but I can't remember how we did it. 

You can see that these old CCD sensors had very limited dynamic range compared to today's DSLR's and cinema cams.

Enjoy it or nah?