The Old Work Series - Part Four

As we progress through the last decade of my work we come to an interesting time - the birth of the HD-DSLR camera.

We all know the story - Vincent Laforet, Canon 5D Mark II, Reverie, the internet shits it's pants, digital filmmaking revolution begins. Everyone runs out and buys a Canon DSLR. If you've got some cash stashed you grab a Canon 5D Mark II. If you've got no budget you go with a T2i. If you're in the middle...

I buy a Canon 7D and a few cheap lenses. I'm talking cheap 50mm f/1.4 and a variable zoom stock lens. Grab a few friends and make some crappy stuff. The film below, part of a short web series, Sublet the Right One In: Imagunition, is my first footage with my first HD-DSLR.

This one was written by my cohort, Vincent Vinas, in Florida but sending me scripts to film under the pen name, Vinstant Rhepple. Looking back I guess it was hard to find good gun sfx on the internet in 2010. I don't know what my excuse was for not properly exposing my highlights.