The Old Work Series - Part One

I started making movies over 20 years ago. When I was in high school/college I had a hi-8 camera which is roughly the equivalent of the worst camera you could imagine buying in 2016 (If you need a better analogy - it's like watching a Nicolas Cage film instead of a Tom Hanks film). I was limited to shooting "in-camera" (you may be too young to understand what that means) and the quality was terrible. So, no, I won't be sharing any of that footage with you, but...

I did get the chance to shoot on 16mm film stock in college, cut film on a flatbed as well as deck to deck, all of which was an interesting learning experience. About a year out of college, the Canon XL-1 jumped onto the scene - it was a "prosumer" MiniDv camera which was pretty extraordinary at the time. It gave filmmakers the chance to interchange Canon lenses. It had an EVF and built-in audio inputs. I saved up, bought it, and started shooting.

The following film shot with the XL-1 is called Working Late. It was written and directed by two guys I really enjoyed working with in the 2000s - Brian Smith and Vincent Vinas. They made me watch a bunch of old Italian horror films before we shot so I could get a sense of the type of lighting and camera movement they were looking for.

This is what we came up with:

Let me know what you think.