What's New at MONSTRINTHEDARK - July 2016

June was an extraordinarily busy month for me. I do apologize to my six readers (love ya!) for not publishing any content in a while, but fret not, just like Nicolas Cage, I'm about to unleash a torrent of crap upon the world. This month I'll be posting some of my older work, some of my newest work, and some other shit you'll definitely have only a passing interest in.


I'm going to lead off with this past month's biggest job - our Kickstarter video for Westchester fancy light maker, Luke Lamp Co. This was our first time working with Luke and his company, and we help them put together this video (one day shoot) for their new product, Sconcy. That's right, Sconcy. It's a stupid name and I'm allowed to say that because I named it.

If you'd like to learn more about how we made any part of this video like how I lit it, what gear was used, etc. - let me know in the comment section below and I'll be sure to whip up a fancy blog post all about it - just for you!


June was also all about Jeep's as I did a lot of work for Ruge's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Rhinebeck at their Go Topless event as well as Northeast Off-Road Adventures in Ellenville, NY and with Mamba Wheels. Here are some stills from the multiple shoots:

A Jeep on some rocks. My GH4 is under the Jeep getting an interesting angle.

A Jeep guy talking about his Jeep.

A Jeep coming straight up a hill at me.

Apparently this is fun for people to both participate in and watch. Who knew how little it takes to entertain?


I haven't shot music a music video since the early 2000s when I was still shooting mini-dv SD. This was a complicated low budget video for an old friend and I'll be posting plenty of BTS video when it's done. We also built a forest prison in my backyard.

Balancing the good 'ol back killer Ronin with the C100 Mark II.

I go handheld here with the C100 Mark II. Ooh, check out that sweet prison we built.


As usual, I did a bunch of work for the drive-in and they even made me my very own ad that will be on the big screen 7 nights a week!

I'm Four Bros. recommended!


And lastly, some real estate stuff.

A real estate lady.

A really fake client greeting.

Thanks for making it all the way down the page. Have questions for us? Interested in making a video? Leave a comment below or email us at monstrinthedark@gmail.com