Before and Afters

Just thought I would post some before and afters from a webseries I've been working on as a DP. We've been shooting on the C100 Mark II in C-log and for this project I'm really working towards as filmic an image as I can produce with this camera.

We are shooting a lot of exteriors and because of the low budget nature of the project, we don't have a generator and therefore don't have any lighting. I'm trying to control everything with diffusion and bounce which gets harder as we widen out to include more actors in the spot

In this shot the sun is behind our two main actors who are confronting a third man who double crossed them. Off to camera right is my gaffer who is holding a 48x72" reflector, bouncing sun across the top half of the bodies as well as the faces of our actors.

I do all my post work in Premiere CC right now. When grading, I always apply a Fast Color Corrector first, and then I dive into the Lumetri panel. I usually apply a C-Log to Rec.709 LUT, check my scopes and make some tweaks to highlights, midtones, and shadows, and add some saturation. In this grade, I also used an Osiris LUT as well as FilmConvert to add some grain though never 100% grain. FilmConvert adds nice contrast to the image but also washes out some of the color, so I tweaked the curve and saturation to add some back in.

This is my favorite shot from this day. After their encounter with the guy who double crossed them, these two have a conversation in the car, as the sun sets before them. We shot this in a single take, racking back and forth between the actors as they speak. The sun is setting in front of the car and we had to make sure the car's position and angle was right to have these beams of light fall where I wanted them, especially the slash of light across the actors face sitting in the passenger seat. As you can see, I warmed the image up in post to really sell that magic hour feeling.

I'll post more stills and hopefully some footage soon as we approach more shoot dates.

Thanks for reading.