5 Ways to Use Your Small Business Video

The good news is, you made a video for your business and you love it. The bad news is, unless you promote that video, no one is going to know about it. 

A lot of businesses are content with throwing their video up on the front page of their website, or even worse, the contact us page. One video, just one video, can be a gateway to a major increase in sales. So without further ado, here are five ways to use your small business video:


Depending on what service you use to create and host your website, you may even be able to have your video playing in the background of your web page. You want as many eyes on this video as possible. Video keeps users on your pages longer and builds brand authority. The worst thing you can do is bury your brand new video on some back page of your website.

The Four Brother's Drive In has a good example of what to do with your video. When you head over to their page at http://playeatdrink.com/, a still image from the video fills the background of the landing page and with the simple click of a play button, your watching the video full screen and seeing for yourself what the drive-in experience is all about. 

TIP: Make sure your video has an attractive, attention grabbing thumbnail.


You can definitely post your video to Youtube (see the next tip) but you should also upload your video to Facebook, and use the Facebook ads manager to promote the video. Facebook campaigns are relatively easy to set up and can be highly targeted. You choose how long your ad will run, how much you want to spend per day or overall, as well as what geographic area the ad will be shown. You can create highly targeted ads by choosing different demographics, interests, and behaviors. (I'm going to try and forget how creepy it is that Facebook tracks everyone's interests and behaviors). You can also choose what time of day your ad will run and where it will appear ie. news feed, right column, etc.

Many of my clients double up their campaigns by promoting their new video and also running a sales promotion simultaneously. With the Ad Manager you can keep track of all the analytics to se how your ad is performing and how many click throughs to your site you're achieving.

TIP: There is one major benefit of uploading your video directly to Facebook - your video will autoplay. So when someone is scrolling through their news feed, your video will automatically begin playing. Videos hosted elsewhere, like Youtube and Vimeo, will not.


Youtube is the undisputed king of video. It's definitely beneficial to any small business to create a Youtube channel. It allows you to have a place where your videos are hosted so that you can embed your videos to your website (it's free in case you didn't know).

To create a Youtube following you should be publishing content regularly. That doesn't mean you need to go hire a filmmaker like myself every time you want to make a video. Grab your iphone and make a short video about an upcoming sale, a new product, or whatever. Keep your audience engaged and don't forget to ask them to share your video with their circle. Of course, if you want it to look pro, you know who to call *wink wink*


Have a TV in your store? Run the video on a loop all day long. If it's a place (like the front window) where street traffic can see it, that's even better. This is a long-time staple of martial arts schools and dentist offices. A big TV in the window with fancy imagery of people breaking things, doing fancy kicks, getting their teeth cleaned etc. Somehow it goes together. Guaranteed to increase foot traffic to your business.


There are so many options these days. If your video is 30 seconds or less you can now run it on Instagram. Is your business on Pinterest? Put it there. Don't forget to email blast it and ask for shares.

The only thing stopping your video from being successful is you. If you take the time to put it out there on as many platforms as possible, people will see it, and it will drive conversions to your site.

If you need help creating small business videos or running a Facebook campaign, I can help. Call me at 347-756-1561 or email me at monstrinthedark@gmail.com. 

It's me, the guy who wrote this article. I know, a face that only a mother could love.

It's me, the guy who wrote this article. I know, a face that only a mother could love.