Putting in Some Work

I've blogged about my daily work before, which basically amounts to corporate, documentary style shoots for local businesses followed by a same day or next day edit. If time allows I always set up a three light interview and usually grab my b-roll with my Rhino slider or my monopod. 

It's the kind of work that isn't the most rewarding and doesn't always show up on my reel. So when I get a chance to work on a narrative piece, whether it's paying or not, I usually jump at the opportunity. After all, I've never claimed to be an amazing DP, and never will. I'm just trying to practice and learn as much as possible.

This past weekend we started work on a friend's web series. Luckily we had beautiful weather for our exterior shoot. Here are a few stills from the two scenes we got in the can. As we continue to work on the episodes I'll post more stills, maybe some BTS, and hopefully my lighting setups.

Feel free to criticize anything you see if you think it will help me learn something.

All the screen grabs in this post were shot with the C100 Mark II, Rokinon 24mm T1.5 and 50mm T1.5 in C-Log. Graded in Premiere. All natural light with some bounce and a bit of diffusion. (Gotta say I'm really loving the image I'm getting with C-Log and the C100 after working with the GH4).