Social Video Marketing - There Are No Rules

Dear Small Business Owner,

I'm writing this blog post for every small business owner across this country who has a modest marketing budget that's being wasted on ineffective advertising. You're probably wondering if I'm talking about you. Take this quick quiz to find out:

Do you use video to advertise your business on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

If you answered, "YES", than you are already headed in the direction of success. 

If you answered, "NO", than you need to keep reading, because you're putting your marketing dollars in the wrong place.

First off, what's wrong with taking traditional advertising routes? A couple of things, the most important being dilution. People are consuming media in a dozen different formats from TV to the web to print to social media, etc. A very long time ago when there where just a handful of TV channels to choose from, buying air time could guarantee that your message would reach a large audience. Nowadays, unless you have five million to spend on time during the Superbowl, there are no guarantees. With so many things to catch an individuals attention, your ad is just another thing for them to gloss over so the can get their eyeballs on something they want to see. Unless of course, you're targeting your audience with a video ad that breaks typical conventions.

Print ads, banner ads, crappy local commercials, circulars - let's face it, these methods of marketing are not high ROI investments. Video marketing is the hottest trend, and if you're not using video on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, I can guarantee that your competition either is, or soon will be.

The advantage of creating a video marketing ad is two-fold:

1. There Are No Rules

That's right. There are no rules. You can make a video of any length. No need to limit yourself to 15 or 30 seconds. You can make a video of any style you want. Sometimes, the funnier or zanier the video, the more potential that video has of becoming viral. You can make a video with almost anything - from a professional camera to an iphone. You can make a video that fits a traditional horizontal aspect ratio, a square, or even one that's vertical. You can share your video on a number of social media platforms that don't charge a cent to air - Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine, etc and you can put your marketing dollars into spreading those videos to a highly targeted audience determined by you.

Let's look at some successful videos made by people who understand that there are no rules:

Hopefully you watch the ad above before reading on. It's a 4 minute commercial that features what looks like footage taken from computer webcams as several people interview for the same job. Going in, you have no idea what this spot is about, it never feels like a sales pitch, and the end has emotional impact. It's story driven and it didn't cost a fortune to make.

You've probably seen this one - after all, it's been viewed over 17 million times on Youtube alone. It's humorous and funny and reinforces what I said earlier - THERE ARE NO RULES.

2. Your Audience Will Do The Work For You

If people love your video they will share it with others, who may in turn, also share it with others. How much does it cost you when someone shares your video with their circle of friends?

The answer is NOTHING.

Can someone share a clever banner ad with their friends? No. How about a nice print ad? How about a radio ad? The answer is no. NO.

Video is not always cheap, but neither are those other platforms. A video can reach thousands of potential customers in matter of minutes, hours, or days. A clever video with broad appeal that breaks conventional rules can reach millions.

Conclusion: Find yourself a great video production company and get your video ad made today, but please, don't play by the rules.

I'm available throughout the Hudson Valley, NYC metro area, and parts of Connecticut to help you create your video and deliver it to millions and I hate rules. Call or text me at 347.756.1561 or email me at to get started today.