8 Handy Tools for Pre-Production

A few weeks back I announced my first Skillshare class called Essential Tools for Filmmaking. In this course I outline some mobile apps that I find really helpful when planning a location shoot and throughout the course I show how I used these apps to shoot the pilot of a webseries called Midnight.

You can check the Overview video above and sign up for the class at skl.sh/2fqEQZi

The class is geared towards cinematographers or videographers who shoot on location and who may not have the option of doing a scout beforehand. I started using a lot of these apps when I was doing heavy work for Yelp. I'd be heading out to a different business every day with no scout time so using apps like Google Earth and Sun Surveyor would be instrumental in helping me figure out parking options as well as exterior and interior lighting conditions.

As you dive deeper into the lessons I use apps that are great for creating shot lists or lighting diagrams that can viewed by the project's director and the camera and grip departments. There's even an app for actors.

Check it out and let me know if any of this content was useful to you.

Sean TracyComment