Big 2017 Update

2016 was quite a year here at MONSTRINTHEDARK. I want to personally thank you if you're reading this and if you've spent any amount of time this year reading through my rambling blog posts. I don't get a ton of questions or comments but I do love the opportunity to start a dialogue with other filmmakers.

I created more hours of video content this year than any other year to date and by a large margin and a lot of that is due to my hard working crew of two and my workhorse C100 Mark II. Of course, there's also my clients to thank.

We finished off the new year with a brand new music video for first timer Lord Tsunami and his track, Legendary. (top)

We used the a camera combo of the GH4 in V-log and the C100 Mark II on this shoot. I went handheld with the GH4 while my Ronin-op Stewart strapped in with the Mark II.

I put together a Skillshare class highlighting some apps I use for pre-production and production and I used a real world example of a webseries called Midnight that I both wrote and was the DP for. Here are some of our first screenshots of this work which will premiere Spring 2017.

Over this xmas break I'm sitting down to put the finishing touches on a 50 minute documentary my wife and I have been working on for the last two years. On Four Legs, a look at therapeutic horseback riding will be released in 2017.

As the new year approaches and new big jobs are on the horizon, I'm always looking for collaborators whether you're in NY, the U.S., or abroad. Hit me up if you're down for a collab.