My End of Year Film Purchases - 2016

My C100 Mark II beasted out.

My C100 Mark II beasted out.

At the end of every year I always take a look at my business finances and see how much money I have to spend on new gear (so I don't get killed at tax time).

This year I did some gear purchases as needed, buying a DJI Phantom drone, an Osmo X3, a RedrockMicro mattebox, and some miscellaneous items like a Spyder Datacolor chip card, new C-stands, and sandbags. 

I didn't have a whole lot of free cash this year, but I did have some. Here's what I just picked up from B&H:

I grabbed the Manfrotto 504HD head and carbon fiber tripod legs to replace my aging Sachtler Ace which at this point is really falling apart. I was also seriously considering the Benro BV10 which can take a little more weight (I like everything I've purchased from Benro so far). Despite the carbon fiber legs this thing is still pretty heavy but the case is nice and the legs have really good range. This thing can go way lower and higher than any tripod I've previously owned.

I really went back and forth on my baseplate decision, but as stated in a previous post, my plan is to buy a second camera this coming year which will most likely be a BlackMagic Ursa Mini 4.6k, so I decided to go universal and buy the Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate (and I got it on sale which really was the major factor in my purchase decision). This is a fucking seriously well machined piece of gear and seems to work well. I'll definitely be putting it through its paces this coming year.

I rounded out my rig with the Tilta FF-T03 15mm Follow Focus with Hard Stops. Seems super smooth. Love the hard stops.

One of the items I purchased that I'm most excited about is the EasyRig MiniMax. It's not even close to the most expensive Easyrig and it maxes out weight-wise at about 15lbs, but as I get older and my back gets tighter, I think this is going to save me some aches and pains on some long shoots. I think it's a pretty funny looking thing, but I'd rather look funny for a few hours than have back surgery in a few years.

So what gear did you buy this holiday season?