Is Your Business Ready for Video Marketing in 2017?

It's 2017. There are drones in the sky, Virtual Reality exists and it's actually pretty good, and people use their smartphones to pay for things at the store. So why is your business still stuck in the 90s?

I'm baffled when I come across small businesses here in the Hudson Valley that don't have mobile-friendly websites and don't do any video marketing. If you have a Facebook page and Twitter account that you never post to, you're not really on social media.

What shouldn't surprise anyone, is that according to a recent Google study, most people spend an average of 177 minutes on their mobile device daily. That time could be split between texting, calls, emails, and social media. Your small business could be part of that 177 minutes, and the most effective way to reach new customers is now video. Video currently makes up more than 50% of Internet traffic.

In fact, it has for the last few years. Video provides a great way to connect with millennials, and Gen Z'ers who are far more visual than any of the prior generations. Video consumption by Gen X'ers is also trending up.

Many brands I work with use video to connect with their customers on a social and emotional level, but more importantly, a weekly or monthly video keeps your brand current. Staying current is something that is becoming of increasing importance as the online marketplace gets more and more saturated.

Maybe you don't know where to start. The steps are simple:

First, get rid of your expensive webmaster who created and maintains your crappy HTML website that is stuck in 1995. Web designers hate the reality that anyone can make a good website themselves these days by using a service like Squarespace or Wordpress. The key is to make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

Second, come up with a social media plan and post anywhere from 3 days a week to daily to multiple times daily for the best results.

Last, contact me to find out how to make video your most effective method of advertising. You may have avoided video because you've thought the price barrier to entry was too high, or you're uncomfortable on camera, or you just aren't sure what types of videos your business would make. I've been working with small businesses for 20 years and I can help you create a video marketing plan that will rock your 2017.

Email us at or call 347.756.1561

Case Study #1

The Four Brother's Drive-in opened three years ago in the small and quiet town of Amenia. During their open season (April - October) we create videos for them that get shared far beyond the borders of Amenia. People come from all over the U.S. to visit this drive-in and social video is the force behind it.

That's not a screen from Rogue One - it's from our Star Wars pardoy film.

To promote a special screening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story we created a viral video featuring everyone's favorite Star Wars villain who made a memorable return to the big screen in this new film. In less than one week the video had been viewed 12,000 times and shared more than 60 times to make a cold weekend at the drive-in a success.

Our 2015 promo for the drive-in has been viewed almost 40,000 times on Facebook alone. We are talking about a $5 a day ad buy that has been shared almost 300 times, bringing in hundreds of new customer leads for the drive-in.

Ruge's Subaru doesn't have to make car videos to keep their brand current in the town of Rhinebeck. We create cross promotional videos with other neighborhood businesses and for events in the town like the Sinterklaas parade. Our coverage of the event drew almost 20,000 views in a week's time and I can guarantee more than one of those viewers will buy a new or used Subaru from Ruge's this year.