Some of My Fav Inspirations...

This first is a favorite of mine. Very violent but so well shot and executed. I love how this film builds tension. You're dying for Thomas Jane to act and each time you think he's about too, the film pulls you in deeper by making you wait for the payoff.

I have been a Corridor Digital (now just Corridor) fan for a really long time. These guys easily make some of the most creative videos on the Internet. Also, I love cats.

This kind of comedy is right up my alley.

My wife wasn't impressed but I think this music video has a real feel good vibe, a super clean look, and a great color palette. Having a close look at all these folks in the background makes for some real replayability.

I'm a huge fan of anything isometric - especially art, videogames, and this cool short film.

Liked any of these? What are some of your favorites from around the Internet?