MONSTRINTHEDARK - Our Story, Our Services

When I started MONSTRINTHEDARK in June of 2013 I was still working full-time as an elementary school teacher living in Queens, NY. For years I had been working as both a teacher and freelance DP/editor, taking advantage of my teaching job ending mid-day, as well as weekends, holiday breaks, and summer vacations. It gave me a lot of time to work on my craft and continue to support myself with a full-time job.

After selling my third feature film, Black Hat, to Amazon Studios, and then selling my first commercial, I knew it was time to move into filmmaking full-time.

Over the past three and half years MONSTRINTHEDARK has grown quickly. I went from being a one man band production to working with three very talented individuals who all bring their own expertise as a producer, gaffer, and production assistant, respectively.

In the first year as a full-time professional, I directed and shot more than 60 commercials, acquiring sales from Novartis, Slimfast, Choice Hotels, CVS, and Budweiser Black Crown. I've know sold commercials to more than 10 brands including the aforementioned as well as the Ad Council, Shark Vacuum, and more.

At MONSTRINTHEDARK we are proud to support the local businesses of the Hudson Valley and Fairfield County, CT. We have created videos and video marketing strategies for over 150 local businesses in the area including several pro-bono pieces for local not-for-profits.

We've also brought some larger video production into the Hudson Valley, shooting commercials here for HelloFresh, Unilever, SCA, and Hellman's.

If you own a business in the Hudson Valley or Fairfield County, CT, and are looking for a professional video production team, please call us or email us for a free consultation on your next project.

Here is what some of our clients have said about our work:

The kind of customer service you provide is so rare these days and I truly appreciate it. You’ve got a customer for life and I really hope we continue to grow so I can give you more business over the years ahead!!
— Luke Kelly of Luke Lamp Co.
Sean did an incredible job capturing the feel of the fitness class I’m promoting. He came in and filmed without disrupting the class, and everyone felt very comfortable with him there. The editing and turn around time was incredibly quick. When I saw the commercial I was thrilled! It looked amazing, professional, and quite frankly EPIC! Can’t wait to have him help me build my brand with more content.
— Alexis Sterry of Pawling Karate
Sean, my filmmaker, did an excellent job, not only in how he shot the video but how he edited it as well. He is a true professional and easy to work with. I was very impressed with his desire to shoot from various angles and his editing was superb.
— Shelley Lowell


MONSTRINTHEDARK is a boutique film production company that specializes in creating immersive video content for new media channels. We work on a variety of different projects ranging from business profiles, commercial marketing campaigns, documentaries, and narrative films. We are a full service production team; we work with our clients through all stages of production from development to final delivery.  Due to our nimble nature, we offer a personal, one-on- one partnership, where we work hand in hand with our clients to make sure we creatively tell your story.

Video production is at the center of what we do:

  • Branded content
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Kickstarter Videos
  • Online Marketing Videos
  • Fundraising Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Event Videos (Corporate and Noncorporate)
  • TV Advertisements
  • Documentaries
  • Narrative Films and Webseries
  • Video Marketing Strategies
  • Aerial Video
  • Internal Training Videos

Call or text us day or night at 347-756-1561 or if you're shy - email us at