Five Best Film Blogs to Read on Your Commute

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If you’re a commuter like many here in the Hudson Valley who take the Metro North into Manhattan everyday, you probably whip out your phone or tablet to entertain yourself. Why not take a peek at my favorite film blogs to read and drop me a comment if I’m missing a good one.


5. - 4K Shooters is a blog run by two guys with a focus on tools for 4K filmmaking including cameras, lenses, monitors, and more. There’s some good articles here including tips and a weekly podcast, although as of this writing there hasn’t been a new podcast since June. Looks like I’m not the only person who had a busy summer.


4. - Filmmaker IQ links to tons of cool videos about all aspects of film production and as also has some courses on the history of film and techniques. It’s kind of like a replacement for film school. You’ll definitely find some interesting stuff to watch here, and if you’re sitting on a train for three hours a day, you may as well learn something.

3. - this blog has been around for awhile and similar to some of the others on this list, you can find a lot of review and impressions on new gear, camera tests, and tips and tricks articles. They also do a weekly show called “On the Couch” where they have discussions with industry folks, as well as videolog where users can submit their work for others to view and rate.

2. - Matt Allard and Dan Chung at News Shooter are always blogging about new gear. They’re working news shooters who visit a lot of trade shows and are constantly posting their impressions of new gear from cameras to lights to gimbals to lenses. The site also features guests post from lots of other working professionals. The opinions here are mostly geared towards towards news and doc shooters. If there’s a piece of gear you’re wondering about, you can almost definitely find some info about it here.

1. - I’m sure you know this one. Very well curated articles from sources all around the web that help indie filmmakers learn about gear and techniques. They also have a filmmaker forum where every idiot asks, “what camera should I buy?”, condescending filmmakers tell you why the film you shared sucked and also tell why you should never use y brand of gear because x brand is so much better. Filmmakers are such dicks. At least the articles are good.

Bonus - There seems to be no middle ground with this guy. People either love him or hate him. I like his work and his blog has in the past had some very thorough camera reviews which helped me tremendously when making a decision. He’s a DP who seems to be constantly working and there's definitely something to be learned from that. - super camera and camera accessory focused. If you are into camera gear you should look here. - this one is a super jem. This guy is a working DP and although the blog is not updated all that frequently, there is a lot of knowledge here. He breaks down scenes from all his shoots with diagrams, photos, and camera info so you can learn his approach to lighting and camera movement. If you want to be a DP you should check this out.

Know another cool film blog? Post it in the comments and tell me what an asshole I am for leaving it off the list.