Videos That Every Small Business Should Have

If you own a small business like I do, you understand the need to continually push to acquire new customers and probably have a website for your business as well as numerous social media accounts. 

The problem with those accounts is updating them daily, which means spending a lot of time publishing to your facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest profiles and hoping that they connect with the type of customer you're looking for. We all know that keeping up with our businesses social media eats away a large portion of time that we should actually be doing business.

Ideally, every small business would want a piece of media that can continually generate leads for them without being a social media time sink. That's where small business video enters the frame. Online video has many benefits, most of which are obvious. Online video is hot right now. It's a great way to engage with new and existing customers. Websites with video index higher on Google search engine rankings. The cost of producing online video has become much cheaper, as access to HD quality cameras and audio recorders have significantly dropped.

So while you should have video on your site and social media accounts, there are still certain types of videos which you can use to generate leads indefinitely.


The first type of video is your basic explainer video. It's short and sweet and reveals quickly to anyone watching exactly what you're selling whether it be a service or product. This video outlines the what and the where, is lively, friendly and bite sized. It showcases visuals of your best products or your service, your storefront, and you - the owner. This video lives on your homepage, so when someone new visits, and wants to know what the deal is, they watch the 45-60 second video and hop on board right away.

The PC Guys get straight to the point, letting the viewer know right up front what services they offer.


Now in order to create a real connection with your customer, you need a video that goes deeper into the who, why, and how of your business. The best kind of customer is a customer who does your advertising for you. This customer loves your brand so much, s/he tells all friends about it, shares your social media posts, etc. Loyal customers are familiar with your brand. They know your story because they watched your longer video, the one that tells the story of you and your business, how it came to be, who your employees are, and why people should care. This video lives on the About Us section of your website.

This longer piece tells the backstory of Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue, an non-profit that rescues and re-trains retired thoroughbred horses. We meet the horses and the people who care for them.


Next, comes the testimonial video. Every business owner thinks their business is great, but unfortunately they all say the exact same thing. I know, because in the past 12 months I've shot over 70 Yelp videos for small businesses in NY and CT. Everyone thinks they have the best staff, customer service, etc. Hey, maybe you do (I'm not here to judge). But testimonials from real customers hold much more weight with new perspective customers than an owner who talks about how great his business is. Your testimonial video features real customers in your store who have used your products or services recently and who tell their story on camera. 


Occasionally your small business may hold an event that is outside the norm of what you do. Having a video that covers the event can generate buzz about the event (everyone likes to see themselves on video) and help build awareness of future events you may hold. Event videos should be heavy on fun and should not seem like you are trying to push your product or service. 

Every year, Ruge's Jeep Dodge Chrysler, holds a free event, inviting owners of cool and crazy Jeep Wranglers to congregate and show off their Jeeps. The event video I created for them has a cool and relaxed vibe that shows off some sweet rides and the people who attended.



These four types of videos live on your website and can reposted again and again on social media to continually generate new leads.

If you own a small business in the tri-state area, and you;re interested in creating video for your business, call me at 347.756.1561 or email me at for a free quote.