Take A Peek Inside My Video Production Case

Want to compare gear? I don't lay my shit out on the floor like a hipster. I keep it in a case where it belongs. Take a peek:

1. My fav lens - Canon EF70-200mm f2.8 (No image stabilization cuz that shit is for wimps who go see Nicolas Cage films on opening night... by themselves)

2. Got this Rokinon Cine DS 14mm T3.1 in Jan. Looks sweet on my full frame 5D and pretty nice on the GH4 as well.

3.  Slot #3 is where I keep my workhorse - Canon EF24-70mm f2.8 - I use this for 90% of the garbage I shoot

4. Hard to see but in this spot is a Canon EF28mm f1.8 and a cheap but nice Canon EF50mm f1.4

5. Atomos Ninja Blade - I use it depending on how much weight or lack thereof I want to add to my rig.

6. Juicedlink MicroRiggy - clean preamp - my favorite way to record my audio direct to cam

7. Headphones yeah

8. Misc spot - I keep a bunch of shit in here like hot/cold shoe mounts, SD card case, Genus Fader ND, a top handle for my cage, lens cleaning shit and my leatherman.

9. Rode Mic

10.  Batteries for GH4, 5D and Ninja Blade

11. Two Sennheiser transmitters and receivers, lavs, assorted audio cables

12. Secret compartment my wife claims is not so secret - batteries (9volt, double and triple a's) and a shuriken in case someone tries to jack my stuff

13. Lumix GH4 with Honu Cage (which I have mixed feelings about)

14. Misc spot #2 - Canon and Gh4 battery chargers, C47s, medical tape, spare bulb for my Lowel Rifa

15. Canon 5D Mark iii just in case 

16. Pelican 1650 Case - It's great. Has nice wheels. The inside of the case is a big ass piece of a foam and if you plan ahead you can pull it apart and build a layout for your gear like I did. I like all my shit to fit snuggly in their compartments. No complaints so stop using your crappy camera backpack and get serious.

17. Sawyer - the stinkiest dog in town

I showed you mine. Let's see yours.