Battle of the Band Press Release


Seeking NYC Bands Looking to Get Rid of a Bandmate


New York, NY - April 11, 2015 - Hudson Valley production company MONSTRINTHEDARK has announced a new unscripted music entertainment show, Battle of the Band.

Every band has that annoying member whose ego is larger than their talent. Battle of the Band offers a unique opportunity to give your crappy bandmate the axe on television. With our producer and camera crew posing as documentarians, you’re unsuspecting bandmate will never know that at the end of the show, he/she is getting the boot.

Battle of the Band casting directors are looking for bands of any music genre that are local to NYC, Long Island, or Westchester. You must have a bandmate who your band would like to fire for reasons other than they are not talented musicians. We are looking for bad band members who are ego-maniacs, show-offs, don't pull their weight, don't like to practice or are flat-out liars. Battle of the Band begins production in May.

MONSTRINTHEDARK is seeking distribution for Battle of the Band at the 2015 New York Television Festival held this november in NYC.

For more information on how you can be cast in Battle of the Band, please visit and fill out our questionnaire. Casting is limited to residents of NY State.