Flashback Friday Episode #1


If you've been following my blog (which is ridiculous, no none follows this blog) then you know that I've been making films since the late 90's.

Some people reading this may have had similar experiences to mine - shooting hi-8, using old Bell and Howell cameras in school, shooting super 16, editing deck to deck, etc.

Some people reading this may only know about the great times we live in. Unbelievably affordable cameras that produce amazing images as well as cheap audio recorders with great sound quality. Let's not forget a great selection of lenses to choose from.

Flashback Friday is where I'll embarrassingly share some old films I made that didn't quite enjoy the spectacular technological times we currently live in.

And that brings us to Flashback Friday film number one:

From 2005, shot with the Panasonic DVX100B (fixed lens) and a shotgun mic, here is a comedy written and directed by Vincent Vinas that I shot and edited. It was a simple two day shoot, one for exteriors and one quarter of a day for interiors. I guess back then I liked the horrid yellow tungsten look since I didn't bother to white balance. 

LOCKDOWN (a slapstick comedy) 2005

As my own harshest critic I could easily find a million things wrong with this film. I'm happier to just say it was a learning experience. What did you think about Lockdown?