Creating a Video Marketing Strategy - Part Two

In Part One of this series, we looked at the Four Brother's Drive-In located in Amenia, NY. When they did a soft launch in 2013 they were America's newest drive-in, and they needed to quickly spread the word to their local community and beyond about the amazing services they offered: 4K quality projection on a huge screen, nightly screenings, car hop service with food from the attached and long-standing Four Brother's Pizza Inn, and an amazing sense of nostalgia. I helped them accomplish this, first in 2014 by creating a two part documentary series about the origins of the drive-in, and then in 2015 with a more slick overview video that went all in with visuals and chill music. Our measure of success wasn't analyzing video metrics on Facebook, but the startling number of people who shared these videos, driving massive traffic to their doors.

In Part Two, we're going to look at a business that has been established for decades, Ruge's Subaru in Rhinebeck, and how I worked with their Digital Marketing Director, Patrick Downes, to build a loyal social media following.

Facebook is their preferred social media tool, and with Facebook's auto-play feature on videos uploaded directly to FB, I knew we would again see a high view count on many of the videos. Those video metrics are still important and should definitely be analyzed, but I was once again more interested with the share-ability of the videos I was creating.

The video marketing campaign was introduced in a very simple way that many businesses choose as a starting point - an overview video that introduced existing customers and potential customers to the business owner, the brand, and the brand values.

We created some simple spots: one that featured the owner, Lewis Ruge, giving us the history of Ruge's Subaru, a second that introduced us to the Sales Manager and his team, and a third that brought us into the service department. This is where many inexperienced business owners who are not marketers would stop. 

Ruge's Subaru, like many businesses, posts to social media once a day. It's a tried and true method of building a community around your brand, but the content has to be interesting. One of the next steps that Ruge's took, was to begin to educate their customers and potential customers by addressing commonly asked questions with video.

We created a video about the most common service that people bring their cars in for - the Oil Change. That sounds pretty boring, but take a personable mechanic and let him narrate his story, and you've got a much more interesting piece. After watching the piece you feel like you know Leo Gilmore, and although you can't choose your mechanic, you'd feel inclined to ask if Leo would be the guy servicing your vehicle.

In addition to the educating the customers about the service department, we also created several videos featuring members of the sales team. The finance manager, who everyone that buys a car will sit down with, discusses what he does in regards to finance and warranties.

In another series of videos that live on the Ruge's Subaru website, the sales manager talks about used car sales and trade-ins. All these videos educate the consumer and help build trust in the Ruge's brand.

Located in a small town in New York's Hudson Valley, Patrick Downes realized the importance of networking with the other small businesses in Rhinebeck. That lead to one of Ruge's most successful campaigns of the year - a series of videos that celebrated the town of Rhinebeck and the small business owners who have shopped at Ruge's. These cross promotions are beneficial to both businesses, and helps consumers associate those businesses with each other. If you like one, you're probably going to like the other.

Ruge's Rhinebeck video was shared almost 500 times.

Ruge's Rhinebeck video was shared almost 500 times.

Ruge's does a lot of outreach in the community. Anytime they had a community event, I made sure I was there to capture the day and find a shareable story within my footage.

Another 55 shares for Ruge's.

Another 55 shares for Ruge's.

Now no one is fooled by these numbers. Not everyone who shares one of these videos will buy a car from Ruge's nor will the people that have been exposed to this video through the share. But you can be certain that some of them will. They'll think about the brand values they've learned about through the overview videos, the education they've received about buying, financing, and servicing, and the sense of community and giving that Ruge's has. These videos help build a relationship with the consumer before they step in the door.

If you have a small business in the Hudson Valley and would like to create a video campaign, call me at 347-756-1561 or email at for a free consultation.