I'm Back!

Just like Glenn on the Walking Dead, I am alive and back! Oh wait, that didn’t happen yet. Regardless, after a few months of not posting anything on this blog, I have returned. I’ve crawled out from underneath this dumpster… er, I mean desk, and I’m ready to start filling in the two people who read this blog on what’s up with monstrinthedark.

My blog is not the most insightful and I don’t share the big stories you can read on all the big blogs like nofilmschool, but I’d like to think that sharing my day to day experiences as a freelance DP and editor may be useful to others who do similar work.

So what do I do? My day to day work involves creating video for small businesses in the Hudson Valley area of New York State. If you’re not all that familiar, the Hudson Valley is a fairly big area that starts just north of NYC in Westchester and stretches up to Albany, getting it’s name Hudson from the Hudson River. I also do work in neighboring Connecticut, which from my house in Dutchess County, is a ten minute drive into Fairfield County.

A shot from yesterday's video in Ridgefield, CT.

A shot from yesterday's video in Ridgefield, CT.

If I’m not creating small biz vids, I occasionally take on spec work in the form of commercial contests through sites like Zooppa and Mofilm. I’ll openly say that spec work is bullshit for a lot of reasons (many of which I will write about in an upcoming post), and that makes me part of the problem for participating in them, but at the end of the day, extra income for my business and work that I can add to my reel keeps me at it. I have been fortunate to sell commercials to five different brands in the last two years including Slimfast, Novartis, and Ad Council.

In my free time I enjoy working on various narrative and documentary films, projects that I’m passionate about. On these projects I take on many different roles including writing, directing, DP, and editor. My wife, Kim, works with me on the documentary projects as a researcher, camerawoman, and interviewer.

Over the summer and now fall, I’ve worked on a number of interesting projects including this documentary about an artist from Vermont.


As well as these pieces for some of my clients in the Hudson Valley.

...and a wedding...

I also worked on a whole bunch of scientific videos that I'm not allowed to share. But enough about me. If you read this blog and you’re not my mother, drop me a comment and tell me what you do…