January Update

2014 was a busy year.

We shot 70 small business videos. That number equals the number of horrible films made by Nicolas Cage in his career, or the number of horrible films made by a combination Cage, Travolta, and Affleck (Ben, not the other one) in one year. 

We shot 44 commercials for brands like Slimfast, Novartis, Choice Hotels, Bud Black Crown, Staples, Hormel, Unilever, Ad Council, and more.

We continued to work on In the Shadows of the Backstretch, a feature length documentary about the Martins, a legendary three-generation horse racing family due out in 2015, as well as new documentary about therapeutic horseback riding.

We finished the year by releasing CLAN, a 19 minute narrative apocalyptic short that we shot in April.

We photographed birthday parties, engagement parties, weddings, and more.

But that was 2014. Here's an update on what's in store for 2015.

We also started a meetup group for filmmakers who reside in the Mid-Hudson Valley. 


Sean TracyComment