Why I Chose the Rhino Slider

A few years ago I made a really terrible decision. I watched the Taking of Pelham 123 starring John Travolta. I also purchased a really crappy slider for $100.

Crappy photo of a really crappy slider.

I'm aware that buying cheap gear is a very bad idea, but I had no idea just how shitty a $100 slider could be, but here are the finer points:

  • It doesn't really slide
  • It makes a ton of noise
  • Did I mention it doesn't really slide
  • It's almost as poorly constructed as Battlefield Earth (2000) starring John Travolta

Jump to 2014

I need a slider. It takes what would be a boring shot, and motivates it. Production value equals more money in my pocket. The problem of course was deciding what slider to buy when there's dozens to chose from.

So I headed to the Internet to do some research, but it's hard to find reviews on sliders. People like to review cameras and lenses, but finding solid information on sliders was a bit more difficult.

After reading through a few blogs I heard about this company called Rhino. Their equipment looked interesting and was in the realm of affordability as compared to Kessler Crane products. Rhino makes 4 different sliders. The carriage which holds the camera is the same and can be used with any of their rail systems,  but the rail options are different. Solid stainless steel rails in 2' or 4', and the same for carbon fiber, which is super light and portable.

I went big with a 4' carbon fiber rail system.

Image from rhinocameragear.com

A few days after receiving the slider we put it to use on set. It's extremely light and travels easy despite it's length. Here are shots from a bunch of different commercials and small biz videos we used the slider on.


  • Carbon fiber is really sturdy and lightweight.
  • Tension can easily be adjusted
  • Slides very smooth and silently
  • Can be mounted to stands or tripods
  • Can be mounted vertically
  • Interchangeable rails
  • Cool rugged feet for placement on floors and ground


  • The 4 foot carbon fiber slider has to be mounted on both ends, no middle tripod mount
  • I had submitted a question to their support team and never got a response. 

I do recommend this slider, not that me recommending anything is a valid opinion. My opinion holds about as much weight as Jennifer Lopez's acting.

I am planning on buying the shorter 2' stainless steel rails that can mount to my tripod from the center of the rail so I can get quick sliding shots on my Yelp shoots.

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