A Journey Through the Fog (Travelogue)

As you travel down the hilly, winding road known as Harmony Hill, you turn down a long driveway where the mailbox is marked 40.

Three quarters down the driveway you notice the remnants of an old trailer and decide to investigate. The door is held closed by an old cinder block. There could be animals inside. You peer through the window into the darkness...

Nearby, old rusted barrels. You wonder what these once held.

The fog seems to thicken as you enter the forest. You're drawn toward something unseen.

The forest clears for a moment and you find yourself at a stream. The water flows smoothly below you as you step across some rocks and make your way to the other side.

You continue you're journey, but cautiously. It seems like there's a thickly woven strand of silky spiderweb draped across every branch of tree.

It seems surreal. Through the fog, it looks like an old, abandoned car, somehow left smack in the middle of the forest. 

You move closer to inspect. 

Leaving the car behind, you've temporarily lost your sense of direction. You stumble through some brambles, and that's when you see it. There's no doubt, someone has arranged these branches in this specific manner. You feel a pair of eyes on you and start to run.

You somehow find your way back to the safety of your car. You take a deep breathe and head back up the driveway, but somewhere in the back of your mind you know you'll be back.

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