Our latest spot...

Hey if you're visiting for the first time, or the last time, you should know a little bit more about Monstrinthedark.

We shoot cinematic video and high quality photos (as opposed to low quality photos because otherwise what would be the point). When I say cinematic video I mean we make films but I don't want to say films because we don't shoot on film. I guess I could say we shoot movies but sometimes we make commercials.  

Eric Felix flying.

Eric Felix flying.

We just wrapped this spec commercial for a contest but I'm not allowed to tell you what brand it's for. Maybe I could give you a hint. Eric Felix, the actor in this commercial, is holding a $50 bill in his hand. 

Did that help? 


Eric Slingshot.jpg

That's Eric in a giant slingshot. We shot several background and foreground plates for the four VFX shots in this thirty second spot. I've been working hard on becoming better at combining CG elements with live-action footage. This is some of our best work to date. 

Still can't guess the brand? 

Sorry, I'm all out of hints. 

-Sean (monstrinthedark)