Some of my biggest clients are car dealerships and local automotive repair shops. Within an industry that's highly competitive, video gives my clients a leg up on the competition.

By creating high quality content that can be re-used many times over across social media and the web, the videos I create for automotive businesses have been viewed tens of thousands of times, shared thousands of times, and have converted those viewers into customers and sales for my clients.


A basic introduction to your automotive dealership or repair shop. This video is the nuts and bolts of your video campaign. 



After you've introduced customers to your local brand, tell them about the services you offer.

Your Sales Team

Continue to build awareness of your brand by spotlighting an employee who deals with customers on a daily basis such a sales manager, sales rep, or finance manager.


If your dealership or shop holds public events for customers and potential customers, build brand awareness of what you do with video.


Does your brand do outreach in the community? Create a documentary film and show your non-business side to customers.


Located in the small town of Rhinebeck, NY, Ruge's Subaru is a popular car dealership with ties to many other long standing local businesses. To help promote the town of Rhinebeck to tourists, Ruge's teamed up with four popular local businesses, and created a custom videowith a simple message -  rent a car from Ruge's Subaru on your weekend Rhinebeck getaway.